panel.smooth {graphics}R Documentation

Simple Panel Plot


An example of a simple useful panel function to be used as argument in e.g., coplot or pairs.


panel.smooth(x, y, col = par("col"), bg = NA, pch = par("pch"),
             cex = 1, col.smooth = "red", span = 2/3, iter = 3,


x, y numeric vectors of the same length
col, bg, pch, cex numeric or character codes for the color(s), point type and size of points; see also par.
col.smooth color to be used by lines for drawing the smooths.
span smoothing parameter f for lowess, see there.
iter number of robustness iterations for lowess.
... further arguments to lines.

See Also

coplot and pairs where panel.smooth is typically used; lowess which does the smoothing.


pairs(swiss, panel = panel.smooth, pch = ".")# emphasize the smooths
pairs(swiss, panel = panel.smooth, lwd = 2, cex= 1.5, col="blue")# hmm...

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