rug {graphics}R Documentation

Add a Rug to a Plot


Adds a rug representation (1-d plot) of the data to the plot.


rug(x, ticksize = 0.03, side = 1, lwd = 0.5, col = par("fg"),
    quiet = getOption("warn") < 0, ...)


x A numeric vector
ticksize The length of the ticks making up the ‘rug’. Positive lengths give inwards ticks.
side On which side of the plot box the rug will be plotted. Normally 1 (bottom) or 3 (top).
lwd The line width of the ticks.
col The colour the ticks are plotted in.
quiet logical indicating if there should be a warning about clipped values.
... further arguments, passed to axis, such as line or pos for specifying the location of the rug.


Because of the way rug is implemented, only values of x that fall within the plot region are included. There will be a warning if any finite values are omitted, but non-finite values are omitted silently.

Because of the way colours are done the axis itself is redrawn in the same colour, lty and lwd as the ticks. You can replot the box if you don't like this feature.


Chambers, J. M. and Hastie, T. J. (1992) Statistical Models in S. Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole.

See Also

jitter which you may want for ties in x.


require(stats)# both 'density' and its default method
with(faithful, {
    plot(density(eruptions, bw = 0.15))
    rug(jitter(eruptions, amount = 0.01), side = 3, col = "light blue")

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