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Default Panel Function for bwplot


This is the default panel function for bwplot.


panel.bwplot(x, y, box.ratio = 1,
             horizontal = TRUE,
             pch, col, cex, 
             font, fontfamily, fontface, 
             fill, varwidth = FALSE,
             stats = boxplot.stats,
             coef = 1.5,
             do.out = TRUE)


x, y numeric vector or factor. Boxplots drawn for each unique value of y (x) if horizontal is TRUE (FALSE)
box.ratio ratio of box height to inter box space
horizontal logical. If FALSE, the plot is ‘transposed’ in the sense that the behaviours of x and y are switched. x is now the ‘factor’. Interpretation of other arguments change accordingly. See documentation of bwplot for a fuller explanation.
pch, col, cex, font, fontfamily, fontface graphical parameters controlling the dot. pch="|" is treated specially, by replacing the dot with a line (similar to boxplot)
fill color to fill the boxplot
varwidth logical. If TRUE, widths of boxplots are proportional to the number of points used in creating it.
stats a function, defaulting to boxplot.stats, that accepts a numeric vector and returns a list similar to the return value of boxplot.stats. The function must accept arguments coef and do.out even if they do not use them (a ... argument is good enough). This function is used to determine the box and whisker plot.
coef, do.out passed to stats
levels.fos numeric values corresponding to positions of the factor or shingle variable. For internal use.
... further arguments, ignored.


Creates Box and Whisker plot of x for every level of y (or the reverse if horizontal=FALSE). By default, the actual boxplot statistics are calculated using boxplot.stats. Note that most arguments controlling the display can be supplied to the high-level bwplot call directly. Unlike the traditional analog boxplot, notches are not implemented.

Although the graphical parameters for the dot representing the median can be controlled by optional arguments, many others can not. These parameters are obtained from the relevant settings parameters ("box.rectangle" for the box, "box.umbrella" for the whiskers and "plot.symbol" for the outliers).


Deepayan Sarkar

See Also

bwplot, boxplot.stats


bwplot(voice.part ~ height, data = singer,
       xlab = "Height (inches)",
       panel = function(...) {
           panel.grid(v = -1, h = 0)
       par.settings = list(plot.symbol = list(pch = 4)))

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