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Default Panel Function for levelplot


This is the default panel function for levelplot.


panel.levelplot(x, y, z, 
                at = pretty(z),
                labels = NULL,
       = c("mixed", "flat", "align"),
                contour = FALSE,
                region = TRUE,
                col = add.line$col,
                lty = add.line$lty,
                lwd = add.line$lwd,
                cex = add.text$cex,
                font = add.text$font,
                fontfamily = add.text$fontfamily,
                fontface = add.text$fontface,
                col.text = add.text$col,
                col.regions = regions$col,
                alpha.regions = regions$alpha)


x, y, z variables defining the plot
subscripts integer vector indicating what subset of x, y and z to draw
at numeric vector specifying breakpoints for change in colors
shrink either a numeric vector of length 2 (meant to work as both x and y components), or a list with components x and y which are numeric vectors of length 2. This allows the rectangles to be scaled proportional to the z-value. The specification can be made separately for widths (x) and heights (y). The elements of the length 2 numeric vector gives the minimum and maximum proportion of shrinkage (corresponding to min and max of z).
labels contour labels controls choice of how label positions are determined.
contour logical, specifying whether contour lines should be drawn
region logical, specifying whether inter-contour regions should be filled with the appropriate color
col, lty, lwd graphical parameters for contour lines
cex, col.text, font, fontfamily, fontface graphical parameters for contour labels
... extra parameters
col.regions a vector of colors used if region=TRUE. Usually a subset of the colors are used, the exact number being one more than the length of at. These are chosen to be roughly equally spaced along col.regions. In the unusual case when col.regions is not longer than at, it is repeated to be as long as necessary.
alpha.regions numeric scalar controlling transparency of facets


The same function is used for both levelplot and contourplot (which differ only in default values of some arguments). panel.contourplot is a simple wrapper to panel.levelplot.

When contour=TRUE, the contourLines function is used to calculate the contour lines.


Deepayan Sarkar

See Also

levelplot, contourLines

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