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Default Panel Function for parallel


This is the default panel function for parallel.


panel.parallel(x, y, z, subscripts,
               groups = NULL,
               col, lwd, lty, alpha,
               common.scale = FALSE,


x, y dummy variables, ignored.
z The data frame used for the plot. Each column will be coerced to numeric before being plotted, and an error will be issued if this fails.
subscripts The indices of the rows of z that are to be displyed in this panel.
groups An optional grouping variable. If specified, different groups are distinguished by use of different graphical parameters (i.e., rows of z in the same group share parameters).
col, lwd, lty, alpha graphical parameters (defaults to the settings for superpose.line). If groups is non-null, these parameters used one for each group. Otherwise, they are recycled and used to distinguish between rows of the data frame z.
common.scale logical, whether a common scale should be used columns of z. Defaults to FALSE, in which case the horizontal range for each column is different (as determined by lower and upper).
lower, upper numeric vectors replicated to be as long as the number of columns in z. Determines the lower and upper bounds to be used for scaling the corresponding columns of z after coercing them to numeric. Defaults to the minimum and maximum of each column. Alternatively, these could be functions (to be applied on each column) that return a scalar.
... other arguments (ignored)


Difficult to describe. See example for parallel


Deepayan Sarkar

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