panel.qqmath {lattice}R Documentation

Default Panel and Prepanel Function for qqmath


This is the default panel function for qqmath.


panel.qqmath(x, f.value = NULL,
             distribution = qnorm,
             qtype = 7,
             groups = NULL, ...)


x vector (typically numeric, coerced if not) of data values to be used in the panel.
f.value, distribution Defines how quantiles are calculated. See qqmath for details.
qtype The type argument to be used in quantile
groups An optional grouping variable. Within each panel, one Q-Q plot is produced for every level of this grouping variable, differentiated by different graphical parameters.
... further arguments, often graphical parameters.


Creates a Q-Q plot of the data and the theoretical distribution given by distribution. Note that most of the arguments controlling the display can be supplied directly to the high-level qqmath call.


Deepayan Sarkar

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