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Useful panel function with qqmath


Useful panel function with qqmath. Draws a line passing through the points (usually) determined by the .25 and .75 quantiles of the sample and the theoretical distribution.


panel.qqmathline(x, y = x,
                 distribution = qnorm,
                 p = c(0.25, 0.75),
                 qtype = 7,
                 groups = NULL, 


x The original sample, possibly reduced to a fewer number of quantiles, as determined by the f.value argument to qqmath
y an alias for x for backwards compatibility
distribution quantile function for reference theoretical distribution.
p numeric vector of length two, representing probabilities. Corresponding quantile pairs define the line drawn.
qtype the type of quantile computation used in quantile
groups optional grouping variable. If non-null, a line will be drawn for each group.
... other arguments.


Deepayan Sarkar

See Also

prepanel.qqmathline, qqmath, quantile

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