panel.stripplot {lattice}R Documentation

Default Panel Function for stripplot


This is the default panel function for stripplot. Also see panel.superpose


panel.stripplot(x, y, = FALSE,
                factor = 0.5, amount = NULL,
                horizontal = TRUE, groups = NULL,


x,y coordinates of points to be plotted whether points should be jittered to avoid overplotting.
factor, amount amount of jittering, see jitter
horizontal logical. If FALSE, the plot is ‘transposed’ in the sense that the behaviours of x and y are switched. x is now the ‘factor’. Interpretation of other arguments change accordingly. See documentation of bwplot for a fuller explanation.
groups optional grouping variable
... graphical parameters etc can be supplied, passed to panel.xyplot or panel.superpose, depending on whether groups is present


Creates stripplot (one dimensional scatterplot) of x for each level of y


Deepayan Sarkar

See Also

stripplot, jitter

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