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Useful Prepanel Function for Lattice


These are predefined prepanel functions available in Lattice.


prepanel.lmline(x, y, ...)
prepanel.loess(x, y, span, degree, family, evaluation, ...)
prepanel.qqmathline(x, y = x, distribution = qnorm,
                    p = c(0.25, 0.75), qtype = 7,
                    groups, subscripts,


x, y x and y values, numeric or factor
distribution quantile function for theoretical distribution. This is automatically passed in when this is used as a prepanel function in qqmath.
qtype type of quantile
p numeric vector of length two, representing probabilities. If used with aspect="xy", the aspect ratio will be chosen to make the line passing through the corresponding quantile pairs as close to 45 degrees as possible.
span, degree, family, evaluation arguments controlling the underlying loess smooth
groups, subscripts See xyplot. Whenever appropriate, calculations are done separately for each group and then combined.
... other arguments


usually a list with components xlim, ylim, dx and dy, the first two being used to calculate panel axes limits, the last two for banking computations. The form of these components are described under xyplot. There are also several prepanel functions that serve as the default for high level functions, see prepanel.default.xyplot


Deepayan Sarkar

See Also

trellis.par.get, xyplot, banking, Lattice. See loess.smooth for further options to prepanel.loess

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