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Residual and Fit Spread Plots


Plots fitted values and residuals (via qqmath) on a common scale for any object that has methods for fitted values and residuals.


rfs(model, layout=c(2, 1), xlab="f-value", ylab=NULL,
    distribution = qunif,
    panel, prepanel, strip, ...)


model a fitted model object with methods fitted.values and residuals. Can be the value returned by oneway
layout default layout is c(2,1)
xlab defaults to "f.value"
distribution the distribution function to be used for qqmath
ylab, panel, prepanel, strip See xyplot
... other arguments, passed on to qqmath.


An object of class "trellis". The update method can be used to update components of the object and the print method (usually called by default) will plot it on an appropriate plotting device.


Deepayan Sarkar Deepayan.Sarkar@R-project.org

See Also

oneway, qqmath, xyplot, Lattice


rfs(oneway(height ~ voice.part, data = singer, spread = 1), aspect = 1)

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