simpleKey {lattice}R Documentation

Function to generate a simple key


Simple interface to generate a list appropriate for draw.key


simpleKey(text, points = TRUE,
          rectangles = FALSE,
          lines = FALSE,
          col, cex, alpha, font,
          fontface, fontfamily, 
          lineheight, ...)


text character or expression vector, to be used as labels for levels of the grouping variable
points logical
rectangles logical
lines logical
col, cex, alpha, font, fontface, fontfamily, lineheight Used as top-level components of the list produced, to be used for the text labels. Defaults to the values in trellis.par.get("add.text")
... further arguments added to the list, eventually passed to draw.key


A lattice plot can include a legend (key) if an appropriate list is specified as the key argument to a high level Lattice function such as xyplot. This key can be very flexible, but that flexibility comes at the cost of this list being very complicated even in simple situations. The simpleKey function is a shortcut, which assumes that the key is being drawn in conjunction with the groups argument, and that the default Trellis settings are being used. At most one each of points, rectangles and lines can be drawn.

See also the auto.key argument for high level plots.


A list that would work as the key argument to xyplot etc.


Deepayan Sarkar

See Also

draw.key, xyplot, Lattice

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