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Classes Used Internally to Control Tracing


The classes described here are used by the R function trace to create versions of functions and methods including browser calls, etc., and also to untrace the same objects.


### Objects from the following classes are generated
### by calling trace() on an object from the corresponding
### class without the "WithTrace" in the name.


### the following is a virtual class extended by each of the
### classes above


Objects from the Class

Objects will be created from these classes by calls to trace. (There is an initialize method for class "traceable", but you are unlikely to need it directly.)


The data part, which will be "function" for class "functionWithTrace", and similarly for the other classes.
Object of the original class; e.g., "function" for class "functionWithTrace".


Each of the classes extends the corresponding untraced class, from the data part; e.g., "functionWithTrace" extends "function". Each of the specific classes extends "traceable", directly, and class "VIRTUAL", by class "traceable".


The point of the specific classes is that objects generated from them, by function trace(), remain callable or dispatchable, in addition to their new trace information.

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