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B-Spline Basis for Polynomial Splines


Generate the B-spline basis matrix for a polynomial spline.


bs(x, df = NULL, knots = NULL, degree = 3, intercept = FALSE,
   Boundary.knots = range(x))


x the predictor variable. Missing values are allowed.
df degrees of freedom; one can specify df rather than knots; bs() then chooses df-degree-1 knots at suitable quantiles of x (which will ignore missing values).
knots the internal breakpoints that define the spline. The default is NULL, which results in a basis for ordinary polynomial regression. Typical values are the mean or median for one knot, quantiles for more knots. See also Boundary.knots.
degree degree of the piecewise polynomial—default is 3 for cubic splines.
intercept if TRUE, an intercept is included in the basis; default is FALSE.
Boundary.knots boundary points at which to anchor the B-spline basis (default the range of the data). If both knots and Boundary.knots are supplied, the basis parameters do not depend on x. Data can extend beyond Boundary.knots.


A matrix of dimension length(x) * df, where either df was supplied or if knots were supplied, df = length(knots) + 3 + intercept. Attributes are returned that correspond to the arguments to bs, and explicitly give the knots, Boundary.knots etc for use by
bs() is based on the function spline.des(). It generates a basis matrix for representing the family of piecewise polynomials with the specified interior knots and degree, evaluated at the values of x. A primary use is in modeling formulas to directly specify a piecewise polynomial term in a model.


Hastie, T. J. (1992) Generalized additive models. Chapter 7 of Statistical Models in S eds J. M. Chambers and T. J. Hastie, Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole.

See Also

ns, poly, smooth.spline,, SafePrediction


bs(women$height, df = 5)
summary(fm1 <- lm(weight ~ bs(height, df = 5), data = women))

## example of safe prediction
plot(women, xlab = "Height (in)", ylab = "Weight (lb)")
ht <- seq(57, 73, len = 200)
lines(ht, predict(fm1, data.frame(height=ht)))

## Consistency:
x <- c(1:3,5:6)
stopifnot(identical(bs(x), bs(x, df = 3)),
          !is.null(kk <- attr(bs(x), "knots")),# not true till 1.5.1
          length(kk) == 0)

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