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Create a Link for GLM Families


This function is used with the family functions in glm(). Given the name of a link, it returns a link function, an inverse link function, the derivative dmu/deta and a function for domain checking.



link character or numeric; one of "logit", "probit", "cloglog", "identity", "log", "sqrt", "1/mu^2", "inverse", or (deprecated) a non-negative number, say lambda resulting in power link mu ^ lambda. Also (deprecated) a string like "power(0.5)" to indicate a call to power.


A object of class "link-glm", a list with components

linkfun Link function function(mu)
linkinv Inverse link function function(eta)
mu.eta Derivative function(eta) dmu/deta
valideta function(eta){ TRUE if eta is in the domain of linkinv }.
name a name to be used for the link


See Also

power, glm, family.



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