stat.anova {stats}R Documentation

GLM Anova Statistics


This is a utility function, used in lm and glm methods for anova(..., test != NULL) and should not be used by the average user.


stat.anova(table, test = c("Chisq", "F", "Cp"), scale, df.scale, n)


table numeric matrix as results from anova.glm(..., test=NULL).
test a character string, matching one of "Chisq", "F" or "Cp".
scale a residual mean square or other scale estimate to be used as the denominator in an F test.
df.scale degrees of freedom corresponding to scale.
n number of observations.


A matrix which is the original table, augmented by a column of test statistics, depending on the test argument.


Hastie, T. J. and Pregibon, D. (1992) Generalized linear models. Chapter 6 of Statistical Models in S eds J. M. Chambers and T. J. Hastie, Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole.

See Also

anova.lm, anova.glm.


##-- Continued from '?glm':

print(ag <- anova(glm.D93))
stat.anova(ag$table, test = "Cp",
           scale = sum(resid(glm.D93, "pearson")^2)/4, df = 4, n = 9)

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