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Coerce Data to Dates


Converts any of the following character forms to a Julian date: 8/31/56, 8-31-1956, 31 8 56, 083156, 31Aug56, or August 31 1956.

Usage, order = "mdy", ...)


x input data vector.
order if x is character, defines the order in which the terms are assumed to appear in a xx/xx/xx date. The default is month/day/year; any permutation of mdy is legal.
... if x is character, then any other arguments from can be used as well.


If x is numeric, then floor(x) is returned, e.g., is the same as and gives Feb 2, 1960. If x is character, the program attempts to parse it.


For each date, the number of days between it and January 1, 1960. The date will be missing if the string is not interpretable.

See Also, date.mmddyy, date.ddmmmyy

Examples"1jan1960", "2jan1960", "31mar1960", "30jul1960"))

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