date.mdy {survival}R Documentation

Convert from Julian Dates to Month, Day, and Year


Convert a vector of Julian dates to a list of vectors with the corresponding values of month, day and year, and optionally weekday.


date.mdy(sdate, weekday = FALSE)


sdate a Julian date value, as returned by, number of days since 1/1/1960.
weekday if TRUE, then the returned list also will contain the day of the week (Sunday=1, Saturday=7).


A list with components month, day, and year.


Press, W. H., Teukolsky, S. A., Vetterling, W. T., and Flannery, B. P. (1992). Numerical Recipes: The Art of Scientific Computing (Second Edition). Cambridge University Press.


day <- 7
temp <- date.mdy( = 7, day = day, year = 1960))
## Check for illegal dates, such as 29 Feb in a non leap year
if (temp$day != day) {
  cat("Some illegal dates\n")
} else {
  cat("All days are legal\n")

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