is.ratetable {survival}R Documentation

Verify that an Object is of Class 'ratetable'


The function verifies not only the class attribute, but the structure of the object.


is.ratetable(x, verbose=FALSE)


x the object to be verified.
verbose if TRUE and the object is not a ratetable, then return a character string describing the way(s) in which x fails to be a proper ratetable object.


Rate tables are used by the pyears and survexp functions, and normally contain death rates for some population, categorized by age, sex, or other variables. They have a fairly rigid structure, and the verbose option can help in creating a new rate table.


returns TRUE if x is a ratetable, and FALSE or a description if it is not.

See Also

pyears, survexp


is.ratetable(  ##Yes
is.ratetable(cancer)  ##No

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