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Mayo Clinic Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Data


Followup of 312 randomised and 108 unrandomised patients with primary biliary cirrhosis, a rare autoimmune liver disease, at Mayo Clinic. Most variables have some missing data, coded as -9.




age: in years
alb: serum albumin
alkphos: alkaline phosphotase
ascites: presence of ascites
bili: serum bilirunbin
chol: serum cholesterol
edema: presence of edema
edtrt: 0 no edema, 0.5 untreated or successfully treated
1 unsuccessfully treated edema
hepmeg: enlarged liver
time: survival time
platelet: platelet count
protime: standardised blood clotting time
sex: 1=male
sgot: liver enzyme (now called AST)
spiders: blood vessel malformations in the skin
stage: histologic stage of disease (needs biopsy)
status: censoring status
trt: 1/2/-9 for control, treatment, not randomised
trig: triglycerides
copper: urine copper


TR Fleming and DP Harrington (1991), Counting Processes and Survival Analysis. Wiley, New York. ISBN: 0-471-52218-X.

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