survreg.control {survival}R Documentation

Package options for survreg and coxph


These functions check and package the fitting options for survreg and coxph


survreg.control(maxiter=30, rel.tolerance=1e-09, failure=1,
toler.chol=1e-10, iter.max, debug=0, outer.max=10)
coxph.control (eps = 1e-09, toler.chol = .Machine$double.eps^0.75, 
    iter.max = 20, toler.inf = sqrt(eps), outer.max = 10) 


maxiter maximum number of iterations
rel.tolerance relative tolerance to declare convergence
failure value of status variable indicating failure
toler.chol Tolerance to declare Cholesky decomposition singular
iter.max same as maxiter
debug print debugging information
outer.max maximum number of outer iterations for choosing penalty parameters
eps Tolerance to declare convergence for Cox model
toler.inf An undocumented parameter


A list with the same elements as the input

See Also

survreg, coxph


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