survreg.old {survival}R Documentation

Old (survival4) Regression for a parametric survival model


This routine is a backwards-compatible interface to the improved survreg function, which is better.


survreg.old(formula, data=sys.frame(sys.parent()), ..., link=c("log",
"identity"),dist=c("extreme", "logistic", "gaussian",
"exponential","rayleigh","weibull"), fixed=list())


formula a formula expression as for other regression models. See the documentation for lm and formula for details.
data optional data frame in which to interpret the variables occuring in the formula.
... other arguments to survreg
link transformation to be used on the y variable.
dist assumed distribution for the transformed y variable.
fixed a list of fixed parameters, most often just the scale.


an object of class survreg is returned, which inherits from class glm.


survreg.old(Surv(futime, fustat) ~ + rx, ovarian, dist='extreme',
                link='log', fixed=list(scale=1))   #Fit an exponential

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