Rtangle {utils}R Documentation

R Driver for Stangle


A driver for Stangle that extracts R code chunks.


RtangleSetup(file, syntax, output = NULL, annotate = TRUE,
             split = FALSE, prefix = TRUE, quiet = FALSE)


file Name of Sweave source file.
syntax An object of class SweaveSyntax.
output Name of output file, default is to remove extension ‘.nw’, ‘.Rnw’ or ‘.Snw’ and to add extension ‘.R’. Any directory names in file are also removed such that the output is created in the current working directory.
annotate By default, code chunks are separated by comment lines specifying the names and numbers of the code chunks. If FALSE, only the code chunks without any decorating comments are extracted.
split Split output in single files per code chunk?
prefix If split = TRUE, prefix the chunk labels by the basename of the input file to get output file names?
quiet If TRUE all progress messages are suppressed.


Friedrich Leisch


Friedrich Leisch: Sweave User Manual, 2002

See Also

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