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Download R packages


Visual browsers for downloading R binary or source packages from a repository, usually invoked from the Packages menu. browse.pkgs shows all available packages, browse.update.pkgs shows only installed packages with different version numbers on the repository.


browse.pkgs(where = c("CRAN", "BIOC"), type = c("binary", "source"),
            contriburl, global = FALSE)

browse.update.pkgs(where = c("CRAN", "BIOC"), type = c("binary","source"),
          = TRUE)


where Browse "CRAN" or "BIOConductor"
type Type of package to download
contriburl Different URL to browse. Overrides where
global Not implemented Put the new package in the same directory as the old version


The CRAN and BIOC URLs are set in R with Aqua GUI Preferences. Packages are install in .libPaths()[1], which is typically ‘~/Library/R/library’.


Used for its side effects

See Also

install.binaries, install.packages, update.

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