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Browse Objects in Environment


The browseEnv function opens a browser with list of objects currently in sys.frame() environment.


browseEnv(envir = .GlobalEnv, pattern,
          excludepatt = "^last\.warning",
          html = .Platform$OS.type != "mac",
          expanded = TRUE, properties = NULL,
          main = NULL, debugMe = FALSE)


envir an environment the objects of which are to be browsed.
pattern a regular expression for object subselection is passed to the internal ls() call.
excludepatt a regular expression for dropping objects with matching names.
html is used on non Macintosh machines to display the workspace on a HTML page in your favorite browser.
expanded whether to show one level of recursion. It can be useful to switch it to FALSE if your workspace is large. This option is ignored if html is set to FALSE.
properties a named list of global properties (of the objects chosen) to be showed in the browser; when NULL (as per default), user, date, and machine information is used.
main a title string to be used in the browser; when NULL (as per default) a title is constructed.
debugMe logical switch; if true, some diagnostic output is produced.


Very experimental code. Only allows one level of recursion into object structures. The HTML version is not dynamic.

It can be generalized. See sources (‘..../library/base/R/databrowser.R’) for details.

wsbrowser() is currently just an internally used function; its argument list will certainly change.

Most probably, this should rather work through using the ‘tkWidget’ package (from

See Also

str, ls.


if(interactive()) {
   ## create some interesting objects :
   ofa <- ordered(4:1)
   ex1 <- expression(1+ 0:9)
   ex3 <- expression(u,v, 1+ 0:9)
   example(factor, echo = FALSE)
   example(table, echo = FALSE)
   example(ftable, echo = FALSE)
   example(lm, echo = FALSE, ask = FALSE)
   example(str, echo = FALSE)

   ## and browse them:

   ## a (simple) function's environment:
   af12 <- approxfun(1:2, 1:2, method = "const")
   browseEnv(envir = environment(af12))

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