browseURL {utils}R Documentation

Load URL into a WWW Browser


Load a given URL into a WWW browser.


browseURL(url, browser = getOption("browser"))


url a non-empty character string giving the URL to be loaded.
browser a non-empty character string giving the name of the program to be used as hypertext browser. It should be in the PATH, or a full path specified.


The default browser is set by option "browser", in turn set by the environment variable R_BROWSER which is by default set in file ‘R_HOME/etc/Renviron’ to a choice made manually or automatically when R was configured. (See Startup for where to override that default value.)

If browser supports remote control and R knows how to perform it, the URL is opened in any already running browser or a new one if necessary. This mechanism currently is available for browsers which support the "-remote openURL(...)" interface (which includes Netscape 4.x, 6.2.x (but not 6.0/1), 7.1, Opera 5/6, Mozilla >= 0.9.5 and Mozilla Firefox), Galeon, KDE konqueror (via kfmclient) and the GNOME interface to Mozilla. Netscape 7.0 and Opera 7 behave slightly differently, and you will need to open them first. Note that the type of browser is determined from its name, so this mechanism will only be used if the browser is installed under its canonical name.

Because "-remote" will use any browser displaying on the X server (whatever machine it is running on), the remote control mechanism is only used if DISPLAY points to the local host. This may not allow displaying more than one URL at a time from a remote host.

It is the caller's responsibility to encode url if necessary (see URLencode). This can be tricky for file URLs, where the format accepted can depend on the browser and OS.


## Not run: 
## for KDE users who want to open files in a new tab
option(browser="kfmclient newTab") 
## End(Not run)

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