count.fields {utils}R Documentation

Count the Number of Fields per Line


count.fields counts the number of fields, as separated by sep, in each of the lines of file read.


count.fields(file, sep = "", quote = "\"'", skip = 0,
             blank.lines.skip = TRUE, comment.char = "#")


file a character string naming an ASCII data file, or a connection, which will be opened if necessary, and if so closed at the end of the function call.
sep the field separator character. Values on each line of the file are separated by this character. By default, arbitrary amounts of whitespace can separate fields.
quote the set of quoting characters
skip the number of lines of the data file to skip before beginning to read data.
blank.lines.skip logical: if TRUE blank lines in the input are ignored.
comment.char character: a character vector of length one containing a single character or an empty string.


This used to be used by read.table and can still be useful in discovering problems in reading a file by that function.

For the handling of comments, see scan.


A vector with the numbers of fields found.

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cat("NAME", "1:John", "2:Paul", file = "foo", sep = "\n")
count.fields("foo", sep = ":")

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