file.edit {utils}R Documentation

Edit One or More Files


Edit one or more files in a text editor.


file.edit(..., title = file, editor = getOption("editor"))


... one or more character vectors containing the names of the files to be edited.
title the title to use in the editor; defaults to the filename.
editor the text editor to be used.


The behaviour of this function is very system dependent. Currently files can be opened only one at a time on Unix; on Windows, the internal editor allows multiple files to be opened, but has a limit of 50 simultaneous edit windows.

The title argument is used for the window caption in Windows, and is ignored on other platforms.

See Also

files,, edit, fix,


## Not run: 
# open two R scripts for editing
file.edit("script1.R", "script2.R")
## End(Not run)

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