getAnywhere {utils}R Documentation

Retrieve an R Object, Including from a Namespace


These functions locates all objects with name matching its argument, whether visible on the search path, registered as an S3 method or in a namespace but not exported. getAnywhere() returns the objects and argsAnywhere() returns the arguments of any objects that are functions.




x a character string or name.


The function looks at all loaded namespaces, whether or not they are associated with a package on the search list.

Where functions are found as an S3 method, an attempt is made to find which namespace registered them. This may not be correct, especially if a namespace is unloaded.


For getAnywhere() an object of class "getAnywhere". This is a list with components

name the name searched for.
objs a list of objects found
where a character vector explaining where the object(s) were found
visible logical: is the object visible
dups logical: is the object identical to one earlier in the list.

Normally the structure will be hidden by the print method. There is a [ method to extract one or more of the objects found.
For argsAnywhere() one or more argument lists as returned by args.

See Also

get, getFromNamespace, args


getAnywhere("simpleLoess") # not exported from stats

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