help.start {utils}R Documentation

Hypertext Documentation


Start the hypertext (currently HTML) version of R's online documentation.


help.start(gui = "irrelevant", browser = getOption("browser"),
           remote = NULL)


gui just for compatibility with S-PLUS.
browser the name of the program to be used as hypertext browser. It should be in the PATH, or a full path specified.
remote A character giving a valid URL for the ‘$R_HOME’ directory on a remote location.


All the packages in the known library trees are linked to directory ‘.R’ in the per-session temporary directory. The links are re-made each time help.start is run, which should be done after packages are installed, updated or removed.

If the browser given by the browser argument is different from the default browser as specified by options("browser"), the default is changed to the given browser so that it gets used for all future help requests.


There is a Java-based search facility available from the HTML page that help.start brings up. Should this not work, please consult the ‘R Installation and Administration’ manual which is linked from that page.

See Also

help() for on- and off-line help in ASCII/Editor or PostScript format.

browseURL for how the help file is displayed.

RSiteSearch to access an on-line search of R resources.


## Not run: 
## End(Not run)

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