install.binaries {utils}R Documentation

Download and install binary packages


Installs precompiled binary packages from a repository using the format of CRAN or Bioconductor.


install.binaries(pkgs, lib, CRAN = getOption("CRAN"), contriburl = contrib.url(CRAN, type = "mac.binary"), method, available = NULL, destdir = NULL, installWithVers = FALSE)


pkgs names of packages to install
lib where to install them
CRAN URL for root of repository (may be file:// URL)
contriburl URL of repository package directory
method see download.file
available list of packages available in the repository (optional,to save bandwidth)
destdir Directory for downloaded files
installWithVers Install with versioning information


The function is called for its side-effect of installing packages.

See Also

install.packages, download.file


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