select.list {utils}R Documentation

Select Items from a List


Select item(s) from a character vector.


select.list(list, preselect = NULL, multiple = FALSE, title = NULL)


list character. A list of items.
preselect a character vector, or NULL. If non-null and if the string(s) appear in the list, the item(s) are selected initially.
multiple logical: can more than one item be selected?
title optional character string for window title.


Under the AQUA interface for MacOS X this brings up a modal dialog box with a (scrollable) list of items, which can be selected by the mouse.

Otherwise it displays a text list from which the user can choose by number(s). The multiple = FALSE case uses menu. Preselection is only supported for multiple = TRUE, where it is indicated by a "+" preceding the item.


A character vector of selected items. If multiple is false and no item was selected (or Cancel was used), "" is returned. If multiple is true and no item was selected (or Cancel was used) then a character vector of length 0 is returned.

See Also

menu, tk_select.list for a graphical version using Tcl/Tk.


## Not run: 
select.list(sort(.packages(all.available = TRUE)))
## End(Not run)

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