setRepositories {utils}R Documentation

Select Package Repositories


Interact with the user to choose the package repositories to be used.


setRepositories(graphics = getOption(""))


graphics Logical. If true and tcltk and an X server are available, use a Tk widget, or if under the AQUA interface use a MacOS X widget, otherwise use a text list in the console.


The default list of known repositories is stored in the file ‘R_HOME/etc/repositories’. That file can be edited for a site, or a user can have a personal copy in ‘HOME/.R/repositories’ which will take precedence.

The items that are preselected are those that are currently in options("repos") plus those marked as default in the list of known repositories.


This function is invoked mainly for its side effect of updating options("repos"). It returns (invisibly) the previous repos options setting (as a list with component repos) or NULL if no changes were applied.

See Also

chooseCRANmirror, install.packages.

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